Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Privacy, please. Social Connected Module: Facebook.

After a relatively easy ride with Facebook login I encountered some challenges getting Social Connected to post messages to my test FB account's timeline when a DMS goal has been achieved. In addition to Sitecore documentation on the module I used Dan Solovay's blog http://www.dansolovay.com/2012/09/a-look-at-sitecore-social-connected.html and various other blogs I could find by googling the topic.

The first thing that cought my eye once I attempted to log with with Facebook the first time was this message at the bottom of the authorization popup:

But that is EXACTLY what I wanted to do! Post to Facebook. I proceeded with authorization anyway to see if the login works as expected. And it does. No problems there.

Next step was to make a goal with a message that would get posted to my FB account once the goal is achieved. I could see that the goal was being achieved but no message was added to the wall. I poured over Facebook documentation and found this interesting bit of information on a permission called "publish_actions " at this location:


"Your app can ask for additional permissions at any time, even after a person logs in for the first time. For example, the publish_actions permission lets you post to a person's Facebook Timeline. "

Is this what I am missing? I went to my app's settings to add this permission

And that required a whole new set of tasks I had to do on my app. One of them was adding a Privacy Policy URL. I made one up /privacy but it got rejected.

I can't believe I really need this but at this point it feels like I do. How is FB going to verify a privacy page on a local site? There's no way. I have to use something else.

To be continued...


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