Friday, October 24, 2014

Multivariate Testing continued....

I feel victorious! My MV test is finally working! Here is what happened. I created a test with two variants. In Page Editor, as instructions suggested. Started the test. But could not see the second variant popping up no matter what I did. I used different browsers, I wiped out all my cookies, I "gave it time", I changed the cache expiration in.
<setting name="WebEdit.TestStatisticsCacheExpiration" value="00:00:00"/> 
I jumped on one foot. Nothing worked.

Then I remembered that in the section where it describes creating test in the Content Editor (which they advised NOT to do) it mentions something about test strategy. I find it strange that they didn't put that info in the section on the correct test configuration, in Page Editor. But anyway...

Sticky means that the same editor would keep seeing the same variant of a component.
Random means Sitecore would pick one of the components at random regardless of a visitor.

That still doesn't fully explain to me why I was not able to see the second variant at least once, since I was using various browsers and deleting cookies. But it is what it is: once I changed that setting on the standard values for the test definition template - my test worked. One more thing: PUBLISH the test.

A limitation I found: testing is page based and doesn't allow the client to get an overview of the tests running on the site and/or how they perform.


Goals seem to be pretty straightforward if they are on content items. Media items, however, turned out to be a bit more tricky. Once goal is created, published and deployed (in this exact order) it can be attached to "any" item according to documentation. And the engagement value points set in this goal would count toward the total visit engagement value. Not so fast. So far in my experiments with Launchsitecore I can only see my goal achieved in the list of goals but the total engagement value is not being updated. I thought I had some particularities in the code that prevented displaying the entire engagement score but all it's doing is Tracker.CurrentVisit.Value.

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