Thursday, October 23, 2014


Followed the steps in the documentation. Seems really nice and simply. One interesting point: MV test takes precedence over personalization. What I mean is this: if I have personalization set up on a component, for example if my pattern is Developer I see "Welcome to out Developers!" text widget. But if I am a Marketer I see "Welcome to our Marketers!" copy. But in my test I have a third copy "Welcome to all!". When I run my test on this page even though the text widget is configured to change its content (text) depending of a visitor pattern it won't! Because the logic behind the test is to flip copy to a different variant, without keeping track of patterns.

As I write this I am running a test and periodically hopping all over the site to see a different copy but so far I haven't...Not a good thing. Where is my next variant? BRB

Ok..I don't like this. I only see the first variant. Either my test is configured to proceed to next variant after a certain time that hasn't expire yet OR...I have no clue why it's not doing it :(

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