Monday, October 27, 2014

Let's get Social. Social Connected Module 2.1

Today I have been playing with Social Connected Module 2.1 (,-d-,1.aspx)

First thing I noticed is that I had to install the module manually even though I remember that I selected Social Connected as an optional install during local Sitecore instance installation process through SIM. Then when I was installing the module manually I kept getting this error

I found out later that Sitecore 7.2 is does not work with Social Connected. There is a workaround however. A couple of config file tweaks and we are good to go.

I decided to start with a Facebook. Made an app, just like the documentation prescribes, but noticed that the console in Facebook for app settings looks different from what they show in the doc. I entered by basic App info but was getting an error about app domain. This is how I fixed it:

In Settings > Basic I clicked Add Platform, chose Web Site and entered my site's domain. After that I repeated it in the App Domains field in the same Settings > Basic area. Saved my changes.

Then I added a Facebook button to my page (following instructions) and was able to log in with my FB credentials. What happens upon logging in are two things:

1. A record in a table gets created for me as a user
2. A sitecore user is created as well in User Manager

To make an app public the email address was mandatory in the app's Settings section.

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