Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A little birdie told (tweeted) me

Out of the box Social Connected module has 5 social networks you can use: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and Social Marketer. I am not familiar with the fifth one so I decided to experiment with the first 4. Here is the summary of my success/failures/findings.

Facebook. Login was straightforward to implement out of the box. See my earlier blog for details. Posting goal messages to a FB timeline is not available unless publish_actions permission is requested by the app. In order to obtain this one has to submit the app for approval and that involves completing more steps than I wanted to because the main advantages of the Social module are:

1. Easy registration process
2. Obtaining wealth of personal information from Facebook for personalization on the site

I have those two at my disposal and decided to stop right there.

Twitter. Did not get the Login to work. I suspect (have not confirmed yet) that it's related to fact that the url is local. See notes on Google several lines down. I  have a feeling they are related.

LinkedIn. Login functionality was a snap. Getting personal data. Nice and easy.

Google does not allow local urls for login. Rules are rules. Nothing I can do.

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